Yoga for kids

Children who do yoga develop a deeper relationship with themselves and their natural environment. They learn how regulate their emotions.

Breathing and relaxation techniques during session, can help children to cope with anxiety and reduce hyperactivity. They improve the connection between their mind and body. Introducing routines that include meditations and breathwork can have an incredibly calming effect on a child’s personality and reduce problem behaviors.

Physical benefits

  • Helps develop the right balance of muscle tone and strength
  • Builds core strength for good posture and prevent the spine
  • Keeps the heart and respiratory system fit and strong by increasing lungs capacity with deeper breathing.
  • Helps to maintain flexibility and mobility in all joints and muscles.
  • Supports and strengthens the immune system by reducing stress and stimulating the lymph system
  • Improves balance, alignment and coordination
  • Helps children develop a positive image of their body

The yoga session is non-competitive leaded through funny stories that encourage self-expression with the use of imagination and creativity, physical postures and vocal sound effects.

Bulgarian, English or French speaking.

Click the link, to watch one of my classes in the French School of Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

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