Hello, I am Stela Koleva and I have practiced as Yoga Teacher since 2014, immersing myself in the power of breath-oriented flow.

My program incorporates Yoga postures, Breath Techniques, Relaxation and other Pilates Exercises to increase your endurance and improve your flexibility. During my sessions, I try to explain the health benefits of the Yoga practice.

In addition to my private lessons, I also lead Yoga Retreats and Workshops. My personal goal is to help people with pain caused by injuries, accidents, surgeries and harmed soul or eating disorders.

To make the best combination of Body-Soul Work, I also practice traditional Thai Massage.

I believe that life is all about Balance and Yoga can lead you to harmonious relationship and to self-awareness.

Enjoy your chocolate, wine and don’t be vegan just for fashion or trend but only if you have been advised by your health-care therapist.

Keep your body as a temple! Be careful with your health and be grateful!