About Me

Hello, I am Stela Koleva, a Nutrition Coach and Yoga Teacher for kids and all ages since 2014.

My program incorporates Yoga postures, Breath Techniques, Relaxation and other Pilates Exercises to increase your endurance and improve your flexibility. During my sessions, I try to explain the health benefits of the Yoga practice.

In addition to my private lessons and nutrition counseling therapy , I also lead Yoga Retreats, Workshops, Corporate Yoga in Sofia, Yoga for kids in kinder-gardens and schools, Yoga for employees, Restorative Yoga for seniors.

My personal goal is to help people with pain caused by injuries, accidents, surgeries, eating disorders, obesity, stress, lack of flexibility ,join mobility or harmed soul who need more self-confidence, to learn how to live in love and and faith again.

I believe that life is all about Balance and Yoga can lead you to harmonious relationship, acceptance and self-awareness.

Whether you are looking to get started or advance your existing Yoga practice or food relationship, I have the pleasure and the expertise to guide you along the path to health, wellness and joy!

Keep your body is a temple! Be careful with your health and be grateful!

All sessions could be lead in Bulgarian, English or French

Phone: +359888 341 881

Email: info@sensib.org