Online Nutrition Consultation

In initial nutrition consultation sessions, I’ll take a comprehensive health and nutrition information, which includes information such as chronic diseases, hormones, sleep, weight, height, level of daily physical activity, food preferences, intolerances and allergies; daily food intake; personal diet history; personal and family health conditions; lifestyle; relationship with food, and other factors.

Based on the assessment,  I will design a nutrition plan that supports your needs and goals,  achieving weight loss with optimal health.

My mindful nutrition consultations and counselling will give you a comprehensive diet and food plan that is tailored specifically to your needs, lifestyle and health goals

You will become more mindful and skilful about what and how you eat. You will learn to identify sensations of hunger and fullness.

In order to achieve long-term and lasting results, it’s important to create behavioural changes about food and physical activity. Addition to nutrition, I can offer ongoing  practical guidance and mindfulness anti-stress techniques with yoga and meditation. Calming the mind and body helps to regulate the nervous system and improve overall mood. A regulated nervous system also allows for improved biological functioning and make long-term, positive changes in your diet and in your life.

Together with my holistic approach, you can replace poor eating patterns with supportive habits, develop a healthy relationship with food, lose and stabilise weight, improve mental, emotional and physical health.

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